Farnaz Reneker, Studio Argente

Farnaz Reneker, Studio Argente

AWA+D Featured Member

Farnaz Reneker is a registered architect and Principal and Owner of Studio Argente in Hermosa Beach.  She has worked on a diverse array of projects, with a focus on high-end interiors and has been featured in publications including Architectural Digest, Interiors, and Interior Design.

Currently working on:
Two commercial office interior projects and one residential high end furniture/decorating project – all in Santa Monica.

Medium of choice:
Most of my time seems to be spent on interior architecture + design, so between meeting with clients and consultants, my time on the computer is spent on various software programs.  But if I could be doing anything, it would be watercolor paintings.

When you’re seeking inspiration:
I travel, if time permits.  If travelling is not an option at the time, I look through design and travel magazines and websites and look for images of places that inspire me or are somehow relevant to projects I am working on at the time.

Career turning point:
My turning point was after the birth of my first child, deciding to work for myself in a weak economy.  I have had my challenges and rewards.

Favorite thing about LA:
All the different cities within the city.

Favorite women Architects or Designers:
Hariri & Hariri and of course, Zaha Hadid.

Favorite place to be alone:
Sitting inside the Pantheon in Rome.

Favorite place to be with others:
Everywhere!  I especially enjoy the company of friends and family in a garden setting, food accompanying, of course.

Favorite websites:
The Cool Hunter

For an inside look at Studio Argente, please join us for a happy hour presentation of Farnaz’s work on Monday February 18 from 7-9pm.

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